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City Limts Bar, 379 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8SE 0131 554 1515

City Limits Bar is a Family Friendly bar, located on Leith Walk at the junction of Pilrig Street.

The bar was formerly known as the Boundary Bar and serves as a reminder of the co-joining of Edinburgh and Leith in 1920.

City Limits Bar stands on the old dividing line of Leith and Edinburgh. Prior to 1920 it was necessary to use both entrance doors because Leith and Edinburgh practised different licensing laws. The bar on the Edinburgh side served until 9.30pm and after that the customers had to adjorn to the Leith side to enjoy additional drinking time.

Leith had its own court, fire department and police force and the Leith police commissioners operated outwith Edinburgh’s control. Criminals from the capital who were captured in Leith were required to be handed over to the City police force and the Leith police operated a reciprocal arrangement. The police from both forces met insde the bar to carry out the exchanges. This could probably have taken place outside, but where there’s a “Bill” there’s a way! Today the bar is a family run bar boasting variety, great hospitality and modern decor.